Supplemental Health Insurance

Supplemental health plans ease worries and protect your employees’ financial wellness with Accident, Specified Disease, and Hospital Indemnity insurance. And when you combine Anthem’s supplemental and group health insurance plans you gain value and savings.

Flexibility For Your Business

Easier For You And Your Employees

With medical and supplemental health benefits from Anthem, your business has the convenience of one account team to partner with on all your benefits. Your employees will appreciate having coordinated communications and education materials that make it easier to understand and use their Anthem benefits.

Connecting Benefits To Make It Easier For Members

Our Anthem Whole Health Connection® program connects our medical plans with our Accident, Specified Disease, and/or Hospital Indemnity protection. This means members with our medical plans are notified when they may have an eligible supplemental claim.


The bottom line? Supplemental plans help members pay for unexpected care. And the process is as easy as possible for everyone.

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Supplemental Health Plans You Can Be Confident In

Supplemental health plans ease worries and protect your employees’ financial security.


They provide cash in hand when it’s needed most. Accident, Specified Disease, and Hospital Indemnity plans provide lump-sum benefits that members can use to help pay for unexpected medical costs or to ease the stress of daily living expenses.

Explore Our Supplemental Health Products


Experience peace of mind with the security you know and trust from Anthem.

Hospital Indemnity

Sometimes you can’t avoid a hospital admission. But we can protect members from the medical costs that come from a hospital stay. That’s why Anthem has Hospital Indemnity insurance to help offset hospitalization expenses.

Specified Disease

Life can change in a second. Specified Disease such as cancer, heart attack or stroke can lead to overwhelming bills. But we can help your employees be financially prepared for the unexpected.


Our Specified Disease insurance plan can pay for costs not covered by traditional insurance. The money can also be used for non-medical costs, such as transportation and child care.


A simple bike ride can turn into a life-altering accident. And the truth is, most people are not prepared with enough savings to cover a medical emergency.


Our accident insurance plan protects the financial well-being of your employees. It pays members an immediate lump-sum to use as they see fit, including for medical costs or daily living expenses during recovery.

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Anthem Offers You More Choices


Choose from our variety of supplemental plan options and funding arrangements.


Each product offers plan options to meet your needs. There are no medical questions required to enroll.


We give employers flexibility with voluntary or employee-paid, 100% employer-paid, or 100% employer-paid base coverage with employee-paid buy-up options. This gives you the opportunity to expand your health benefits portfolio and enhance your employees’ financial well-being.

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