Pharmacy Solutions: A Whole Health Approach

Powered by our custom built pharmacy benefit manager, CarelonRx, Anthem pharmacy benefits are designed to work with our medical plans for a whole-health approach.


Connected medical and pharmacy benefits can help reduce costs, streamline administration, and improve patient outcomes. The result is healthier, more productive employees.

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Pharmacy Benefits You Can Be Confident In


Anthem’s pharmacy benefits help manage costs while meeting all your business needs.

Streamlined Administration

You and your employees will find it easy to access and use pharmacy benefits with one account team, one ID card, and one mobile app.

Enhanced Engagement

We use integrated, real-time data and predictive analytics to identify risks,  predict clinical outcomes, and help close care gaps.

Specialty Drug Management

Our plans use connected specialty drug management across medical and pharmacy benefits.

Focused Drug List

Clinical-first medication review for drugs with evidence to improve health and lower total costs.

Provider Collaboration

We work with providers to help them prescribe drugs that drive better clinical outcomes with lower overall costs.

Personalized Support


Anthem pharmacy benefits include the Sydney Health mobile app for your employees. It provides personalized guidance and makes it easier for them to:


Locate nearby pharmacies, check claims, and access their ID card.



Refill medications.



Manage home delivery and specialty medications.



Price and keep track of medications.


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