What is Medicaid?

Find out if Medicaid is right for you


What exactly is Medicaid?


Medicaid is a public health insurance program. It provides health coverage to those who qualify. Most people pay very little for Medicaid. Some pay nothing at all.


Who qualifies for Medicaid?


Did you know that millions and millions of people are enrolled in Medicaid every year? Medicaid is used by adults, pregnant people, children, and people with disabilities.


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Adults and families


States with the Medicaid Expansion program offer plans for adults and families who meet income requirements. In states without Medicaid Expansion for adults, parents and caregivers may still be eligible for coverage.


Pregnant people and new moms


Medicaid offers coverage for pregnant people and new moms who meet income requirements of the program.




For kids, there are specific programs for health coverage, including the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). This program offers health insurance to eligible children under the age of 19.


People with disabilities


Medicaid also offers coverage to people with disabilities. Disabilities may include physical impairments and injuries, intellectual and developmental disabilities, mental and behavioral health disorders, and other conditions.

What's covered?


Medicaid benefits vary from state to state. With Medicaid, you can get benefits such as:


 Doctor visits.


 Hospital stays.




 Pregnancy care.


 Checkups and immunizations for children.


 Dental care.


 Vision care.


 Behavioral and mental healthcare.


 Long-term services and supports.


Many Anthem Medicaid plans come with extra benefits. They’re called value-added benefits and may include:*


 Extra dental and vision coverage.


 Boys & Girls Club memberships.


 School supplies and tutoring.


 Resources for new parents.


* These value-added benefits may not be available for members in all plans.

Anthem offers Medicaid plans in these states: