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Building and growing any business needs the right support from the right partner. With our broad portfolio of products, we can help you find the perfect healthcare package for every one of your clients.

Our Product Portfolio: Health Plans For Whole Health


We’re committed to the power of integration, connecting medical, pharmacy, dental, vision, and other coverage. Our vast network, AI technology and innovative plans combine for a best-in-class experience focused on whole person health.

We offer tailored, high-value health plans that give your clients more choices. Our affordable, flexible, group products include customizable Consumer Driven Health Plans (CDHP), a wide range of deductible/coinsurance and pharmacy options to reduce your clients’ costs. Plus, our funding options and group health expense accounts offer even more ways to manage health care expenses.


National Presence


We provide access to an extensive network of PPO providers through the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association’s BlueCard® program. This nationwide capability, along with access to local, in-network care, is our commitment to improving the health of our communities. Our services are right where you, your clients, and their members live and work.


Peace Of Mind


Partnering with Anthem, an industry leader, means being able to offer your clients the strength and peace of mind of:


   A suite of meaningful, cost-saving solutions


   Doctor-patient relationships that can improve overall care


   Provider collaboration that facilitates innovation 


   Cost-of-care strategies that members value 


Robust Networks


As an Anthem broker, you can assure your clients that they’ll have access to the largest networks: locally, nationwide, and online. This includes:


   Cost-effective network options and discounts to help your client’s bottom line


   Integrated programs and services to improve health and reduce costs


   Strong provider partnerships for better long-term health and cost savings


   National strength with a local presence 

Our pharmacy program, powered by our pharmacy benefit manager, CarelonRx, is grounded in a steadfast commitment to whole health and a simplified experience. This whole-health approach addresses the big picture of medical and pharmacy costs and outcomes.


The Power Of Integration


It’s vital for a health plan to coordinate medical and pharmacy when making clinical and coverage decisions. A PBM that only has visibility into the drug claims they process won’t see the entire picture, which means they cannot fully manage pharmacy spend. Through our integrated approach, we’re able to see data and manage across medical and pharmacy benefits to improve health outcomes and lower total cost of care.


Experience Counts: Our Rich Legacy of Pharmacy Management


   Over $18 billion annual pharmacy spend2


   30 years driving pharmacy strategy


   Over 6,000 dedicated pharmacy associates2


   70,000 network pharmacies2


   175 million annual pharmacy claims2


Our Commitment To You:


   Maximizing whole health


   Demystifying pharmacy


   Creating a seamless experience

No two businesses are alike, so why settle for cookie-cutter plans for your retirees? Anthem offers fully customizable plans that fit your business, your budget, and your members’ needs. We understand the unique needs of employers and their retirees, and our Group Medicare plans are customized to each situation. Whether you cover 10 retirees or 100,000, in the public sector or private, we have a solution to match your needs. Learn how we've solved unique business needs for our customers.


  • Our 4.5 Star National PPO is backed by a commitment to transform care and personalize service.

  • With a national network of over 1.1 million doctors and hospitals, retirees can see providers they know and trust.

  • Our PPO plans let retirees see any doctor that accepts Medicare—whether in-network or out-of-network—for the same cost share.

  • We focus on whole-person care—treating the person, not the disease—with our clinical engagement programs.

  • 92.6% member satisfaction.*

Anthem Whole Health Connection® focuses on whole-person health — connecting medical coverage with behavioral, specialty, and pharmacy services. By leveraging our vast network and combining it with emerging technologies, we can deliver a best-in-class experience focused on the needs of the whole person. The result: better health, lower costs, and a better customer experience.


   Save when you add dental, vision, life, disability and more to your client’s medical coverage. We offer small and large group savings programs for fully insured and self-insured clients.


   When benefits are connected, our network providers see a complete view of a member’s health in order to close gaps in care and improve outcomes. 5.7M average monthly care gaps were identified by Anthem and 1.45M average monthly care gaps were closed.3


   Integrated medical and pharmacy programs drive $368 PMPY lower average medical, 11.6% lower outpatient, and 5.5% lower inpatient costs.4


   The medical spend for those who used EAP was $75 per member/per month less than those who did not use EAP.5

Dental insurance is about more than just teeth—it’s about caring for the whole body. Anthem dental plans deliver flexibility, unmatched network access, and broad, innovative benefits. We offer standalone dental benefits. Or, when combined with an Anthem medical insurance plan, we coordinate whole-person care across plans for improved outcomes and savings for your clients.


Excellent Coverage — Our plans include preventive coverage for regular cleanings, exams, x-rays, as well as procedures like fillings, crowns, and root canals. We even offer teledentistry, Ortho@Home, and extended services for certain medical conditions.


Flexible PortfolioOur options are all customizable so we can meet any of your clients’ needs. We offer choices for annual maximums, deductibles and coinsurances, and out-of-network reimbursement.


Extensive Networks — With over 137,000* providers at over 571,000* locations, our network ensures that your clients and their members will find in-network dentists near where they live and work.

* Zelis Network360 data, July 2022

Anthem’s vision plans deliver unmatched flexibility and diverse networks for easy access to care and savings. We offer standalone vision coverage. Or, when combined with an Anthem medical insurance plan, we coordinate whole-person care across plans for improved outcomes and savings for your clients.


Exceptional Coverage — Our plans cover check-ups and eye exams, allowances for glasses (single, bifocal, and trifocal lenses) or contacts, and new frames every 12 or 24 months.


Flexible Portfolio — Our broad portfolio of plans and cost share levels provide choices that best meets your clients’ needs. Options include exam only, materials only, or full-service coverage. We even offer plans with special benefits for active kids and young adults.


Extensive NetworksWith over 40,000* eye doctors at over 30,000* locations nationwide, our network ensures that your clients and their members will find in-network providers near where they live and work.


Strategic Partnerships — We partner with the best in the industry. Your clients will have access to local independent eye doctors and regional and national providers: LensCrafters®, Pearle Vision®, and Target Optical®. Plus, members have 24/7 access to online providers, including®, ContactsDirect®, 1-800 CONTACTS®, and®.


* Zelis Network360 data, July 2022

Life insurance from Anthem Life can help your clients protect their financial security if the unexpected disrupts the income they depend on. We provide group term life insurance and financial wellness resources that employees and their families can use right now, plus support services for claims later on.


Standard features include waiver of premium and living benefits. Also includes flexibility to customize with a choice of flat amounts or salary-based benefit options, competitive guaranteed issue coverage, maximums, and portability.


Products include:


   Basic life, basic dependent life


   Accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D)


   Supplemental life, supplemental dependent life, and supplemental AD&D


   Voluntary life, voluntary dependent life, and voluntary AD&D


Members also receive Resource Advisor, a personalized counseling service that includes 24/7 phone consults and up to three in-person or video chats in the first six months.

Implementing a leave management strategy and ensuring compliance is time consuming for employers. Your clients can count on Anthem Life to make managing disability and leave programs as simple and streamlined as possible.


Our comprehensive product portfolio includes Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), state leaves, company leaves, short-term disability (STD) and long-term disability (LTD).


Our services include:


   Partnering with clients to develop an effective implementation plan.


   Monitoring all applicable laws and regulations to ensure compliance.


   Providing client-specific insights through real-time analytics and reporting to help identify trends and increase productivity.


   An account team and designated claim manager to deliver seamless implementation and quicker resolution.


   We connect medical and disability care management teams to help prevent a disability claim and better manage the ones submitted, which helps lower costs by keeping employees at work or keeping their time away shorter.


   Our claim managers can transfer members directly to a Resource Advisor counselor. Employees can also call directly for 24/7 phone access to a counselor for emotional issues, face-to-face or virtual counseling, legal advice, financial counseling and a website full of information to help during a disability.

Your large group clients can support their employees with supplemental health plans from Anthem. They reduce the impact of out-of-pocket expenses when employees face a health emergency.


An unexpected illness or injury can cause financial hardship. We offer three supplemental health benefit plans to help:




   Critical Illness


   Hospital Indemnity


Plans immediately pay lump-sum benefits that employees can use as they see fit, including for medical costs or daily living expenses during recovery. Supplemental health plans also include:


   Automatic notification of benefits when members with Anthem medical and Anthem supplemental health benefits have an eligible claim.


   No pre-existing condition exclusions for covered accidents or illnesses that occur after the effective coverage date.


   Enrollment with no medical evidence needed.


   Perpetual guaranteed issue during open enrollment and ongoing annual enrollments.


Supplemental health plans can be offered as employer paid or voluntary employee-paid plans. 

For some of your clients, balancing rising health costs with a competitive benefits program can be challenging. With our voluntary benefits and enrollment services, your clients can attract and retain the best employees — while keeping costs in check. That’s because our specialty benefit plans can also be sold as voluntary options — paid 100% by employees through payroll deduction.


With voluntary specialty plans, we’ll even help your clients conduct enrollment. In person or online, our Voluntary Solutions team will walk your clients’ employees through all their new benefits and services, for maximum enrollment participation. Available for large group clients.

The Power Of Anthem

We cover 1 in 3 Americans.1

We feature 1.9 million providers — that’s 95% of doctors nationwide.1

82% of Fortune 100 companies have a Blue plan.1

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2  Internal data (December 2018).

3 Source: Anthem 2021 data. January 2022.

4 HealthCore, Inc. The Value of Pharmacy and Medical Benefit Integration, 2020.

5 Source: 2018 EAP Program Evaluation.