Are you getting the most from your Employee Assistance Program?

Feb 15,2022

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Getting the Most From Your EAP Program: Infographic

An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) empowers your employees to put their emotional wellbeing first. It provides real, proven solutions that can help keep work and life challenges from becoming major issues. Plus, it is an investment in the future of your business: When your employees receive proactive, meaningful support, they feel covered, protected, and confident at work and beyond. Learn more about how to make the most of your EAP in the infographic below.



Get the most from your Employee Assistance Program


Meaningful support for life’s most demanding moments


With an Employee Assistance Program (EAP), you can provide real, proven solutions to help employees keep work and life challenges from becoming major health issues. Plus, as your company continues to compete to gain and retain top-notch talent, it’s an innovative investment in the future of your business.



Why offer an EAP?

  • Attract and keep top performers by offering a more valuable and holistic employee benefit
  • Employee Assistance Programs help employees feel covered, protected, and confident at work and beyond
  • Strengthen your management team by enabling them to respond appropriately to workplace situations
  • Reduce costs and risk by offering counseling before employees need to use their behavioral health benefits


Real solutions and real savings

  • The typical medical spending for members with an integrated Anthem EAP solution was $7 per member per month less than members who did not use EAP. *
  • When comparing an integrated Anthem EAP versus an external EAP, there’s a $9 per member per month savings in behavioral health costs. *


What should be included?


An EAP helps connect employees to care in simpler, more effective, and more affordable ways, all through a strong, diverse provider network. This support can help them navigate life challenges that impact wellbeing, from coping with stress to dealing with legal concerns.

  • Work/Life

             o   Money, budgeting, and identity theft protection

             o   Legal services

             o   Parenting tools and insight

             o   Search for high-quality child, elder, and pet care

             o   Healthy lifestyle tips

  • Emotional Wellbeing

             o   Skills to help cope with stress, anxiety, and depression

             o   Addiction and recovery guidance

             o   Grief and loss resources

             o   Digital tools to support emotional health and wellbeing

             o   In-person or virtual visits with a licensed counselor



Ensure long-term employee wellbeing

  • An EAP increases your value as an employer by connecting your employees to a variety of services that help promote emotional wellbeing.
  • Offer a robust EAP that provides resources employees can turn to when facing life’s challenges
  • Provide manager and supervisor resources to help them understand the full value of the EAP and communicate that value to employees
  • Look for consultation and training services that can strengthen and customize the EAP for your unique organization

Want to learn more about Anthem’s EAP offerings? Visit or contact your representative to learn how an EAP can support whole-person care for your employees.



*Anthem EAP Program Evaluation, 2018.